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The relationships between my children are such a strong focus within the pictures I try to make of our everyday life. There is a certain element of awareness among each of them when the camera is around so I try to step back and capture their closeness during moments when it is least prompted. This approach has allowed me to recognize that my children don’t necessarily have to be touching within the images I capture in order to tell a story of connection. For example, during Charlie’s sink bath, Cassidy’s watchful hand along the stream of water running from the faucet while he plays, tells me of her nurturing and attentive relationship with her brother. I am sharing more on this specific image and capturing honest connections within my children in my upcoming Click Pro Breakout that will go live this March with Click Photo School and Clickin Moms “Making Pictures that Tell the Stories of Everyday Life.” Be on the look out for the live run as I hope each of you will join me for a great time of learning, growth and inspiration.

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